2015 Goals


At the start of the year, the HPWNA Board decided to focus on the following goals for 2015:

Continue Momentum of 2014

  • Continue schedule of regular social events
  • Continue schedule of regular community cleanups
  • Introduce ourselves to more community businesses

Increase Membership

  • Promote HPWNA to increase membership

Board Development

  • Plan for future of HPWNA Board
  • Actively seek new Board members for 2015-16 and beyond

Actively Promote Economic Development

  • Concentrating on the Montrose corridor
  • Continue marketing efforts to attract business to our area
  • Continue promoting new businesses as they open in the area
  • Develop and promote vision boards, our vision of what the commercial area could become

Improve Community Presence

  • Continue to provide access to and promote HPWNA via our website, event calendar, newsletter, and Facebook page
  • Improve communication with members
  • Improve our social media presence/communication
  • Participate in area organizations such as:
    • Horner Park Advisory Council
    • North River Commission
    • 17th District CAPS, Beat 1724
    • 33rd Ward Transportation Action Committee
  • Continue working in partnership with area organizations

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