Proposed Zoning Change, 2940 W. Irving Park

At our November HPWNA Board meeting, the developers and project team of the proposed project at 2940 W. Irving Park Road presented the details of the project.  Also present at our meeting were residents in the immediate vicinity of the proposed project, who HPWNA had invited to attend. As a result of much discussion, HPWNA does not recommend a zoning change for this project and communicated our response to the Alderman’s office.

The full text of our response to the Alderman follows:

Alderman Deborah Mell
33rd Ward
3649 N. Kedzie Ave.
Chicago, Illinois 60618

November 19, 2014

Dear Alderman Mell,

On November 12, 2014, the developers and project team of the proposed project at 2940 W. Irving Park Road presented the project to the Horner Park West Neighborhood Association (HPWNA) Board and guests. The proposed project is requesting a zoning change from the current zoning of B3-1 to a B2-3. After review of the project and discussion, we, the Board of the Horner Park West Neighborhood Association, do not recommend a zoning change for this project.

  1. Existing single family homes are adjacent to each side of the property of the proposed project at 2938 and 2942 W. Irving Park Road and along the entire block from Richmond St. to the alley behind Sacramento. The zoning change request would allow for a 3-story development and if constructed, the proposed building would be significantly taller in height than the adjacent homes. The differences in height from the single family homes to the proposed project would cause the new project to stand out drastically from the adjacent houses along this block of Irving Park Road.
  2. The building footprint would extend deeper in the lot than the two adjacent houses and would give a sense of towering over the houses on each side.
  3. Representatives from three of the neighboring homes were present including the owners of the houses at 2938 and 2942 W. Irving Park Road. They expressed similar concerns to the height and massing and possible adverse effect to the value of their properties.

The Board would like to commend the development team for an attractive design of the proposed project but the differences in height and massing outweigh the aesthetics. The HPWNA Board is not opposed to development at the property but we feel a two-story structure would be more appropriate at this location.

Gretchen Helmreich
President, Horner Park West Neighborhood Association

VOTE TODAY! New Playground Equipment for Ravenswood Manor Park

Hello Neighbors,

The Horner Park Advisory Council (HPAC) is a volunteer organization that oversees fundraising and programming at Horner, Manor, Buffalo and Jacob parks. HPAC was notified that the playgroup equipment at Manor Park will be replaced as part of the Chicago Plays program. HPAC was given a very short deadline in order to provide feedback on the playground design.

If you could kindly take a few minutes to complete the linked survey below indicating your choice for the playground design, it would be greatly appreciated. Parents of small children are especially encouraged to participate as you probably have the most experience with the various types of equipment and would know what would work well at Manor Park.

There is a space at the end of the survey for free-form comments. If you have additional questions or concerns that you would like raised to HPAC regarding this program, please let me know and I’ll forward them along to HPAC.

Thank you for your participation.

Gretchen Helmreich
President, HPWNA


New Playground Equipment for Ravenswood Manor Park

Your voice is needed NOW.

Ravenswood Manor Park was recently nominated for a Chicago Plays grant, which is jointly administered by Chicago Park District and Friends of the Parks.

After being nominated, the Chicago Park District asked the Horner Park Advisory Council (HPAC) to gather input on four design options. The options show a variety of styles of new play equipment, but all of the options include new engineered wood fibar ground surface. Please voice your opinion on the designs by filling out this survey by 5:00pm Thursday Nov. 13. If you have questions, concerns or would rather not have new playground equipment at all please send us your comments in the space made available in the form.

Playground Options

Thank you for your interest in the future of Ravenswood Manor Playground!